NIO Eve concept car with artificial intelligence

NIO Eve concept car with artificial intelligence

The company, which already produces FormE E racing vehicles under the NextEV brand, unveiled a prototype without driver, dubbed Eve, at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas.

According to a statement, the car will be equipped with an artificial intelligence system and an intuitive interface. It will be able to “learn” the preferences and needs of its passengers, and to offer them different kinds of entertainment during the journey.

Like many of the automotive industry’s historic brands, such as Ford, Renault or Peugeot, and more recent actors (Tesla, of course, but also Uber), there are many who are working on the car of the future. It will be autonomous, of course, but also conceived as a new living space in which one can work in the morning earlier entertain on the journey of the holidays or in the corks.

Furthermore, this autonomous concept car is fully electric and accepts a wireless charging system. According to the notes of the company, ten minutes of load would allow to travel 321 km. While this figure seems very optimistic, NIO plans to market in the US by 2020.

NIO Eve concept car with artificial intelligence

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