Nio EP9 super fast electric car


This Nio EP9 boasts a firepower: 1 megawatt, or 1,000 kW or the equivalent of 1,360 hp, just like a Koenigsegg Agera One: 1. The four electric motors, together with four gearboxes, also provide a torque of 1,480 Nm.

7 min 5.12 s to complete the Nürburgring and 1 min 52.78 s to tour the Paul Ricard Circuit. The Nio EP9 immediately marked the spirits with record times. This hypercar – imagined by the Chinese company NextEV – presents itself as the fastest electric car in the world. For this, it has a chassis and a cockpit in carbon and 1360 hp. This power comes from 2 electric motors loaded to move the 1735 kg of the coupe of 4888 mm.

On the recharge side, the manufacturer promises a full 45 minutes of energy and a battery exchange device. It remains to know the date of marketing and the tariff of this exceptional product which will be produced in small series.

Presented by its creators as “the fastest electric car in the world,” the Nio EP9 recently attacked the Paul Ricard circuit. She clocked a time of 1: 52.780, becoming the fastest electric car on this track. Last month, she had offered the same title but on the Nürburgring this time with a time of 7: 05.120.


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