Next-generation Citroen C4

Next-generation Citroen C4

Citroen has promised to bring a little Cactus into all its cars. Here’s the first evidence, the new C3. That’s not just about the floating roof design, the ‘airbump’ side protection or the split-level headlamps, either. It’s about an emphasis on comfort, and straightforward good cheer.

Citroen boss Linda Jackson told TG: “It’s got the spirit of Cactus but it’s not something bizarre or strange. We aim to stay mainstream.”

Peugeot suggested the same switch could occur with the C5. “It’s clear that we want to be a mainstream player and to do that, we need to cover the various segments. So yes, we want a Citroen offering in the D segment where the C5 currently is. But would it be a direct successor to the C5? I’m not sure.”

Citroen’s head of future product, Pierre Monferrini, backed up Peugeot’s view. “We will be present in the D segment [Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia class],” he said, “but it won’t be conventional.”

Speaking to evo, Citroen’s head of future products, Pierre Monferrini, said the Citroen brand is very much about “dynamic comfort”. ‘We don’t build sofas’ he said, and while he wouldn’t confirm the existence of a performance variant, he wouldn’t rule it out. Given the C3 will be Citroen’s new entry in the World Rally Championship, a hotter C3 is likely.

But look beyond dynamics and the new C3 is sure to hold some appeal when it goes on sale. Further specification and pricing information – it’s expected to cost a similar amount to the current car, so expect a starting price around the £11,000 mark – will be announced in due course.

Next-generation Citroen C4

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