Next generation BMW X3 leaked

Next generation BMW X3 leaked

The cabin is standard BMW fare, but we suspect that it will be offered with a new infotainment system and chrome bits for the cabin which enhance its premium factor. The pictures tell us that the car can be had either with black or brown interiors although it is possible that the range will be much wider and be market dependent.

The details leaked also revealed that the company has worked on the insulation and that the new X3 will offer an exclusive quiet zone, even at high speeds. The car will also get reworked interiors and several new features can be expected.

So, here’s BMW, advertising the new X3 alongside silly “specialized by BMW” bikes two days earlier than even the company expected. The video posted by the BMW site and re-shared by CarScoops will put you to sleep, which is an accurate reflection of how the crossover/SUV market makes a lot of us feel anyway:

A tailgate operated by waving a foot under the corner of the car, as well as a large head-up display and button-operated folding rear seats are shown to be available in the car’s range, but the car’s equipment levels have not been revealed. The site does suggest that an electric bicycle is also available as an accessory for the SUV.

Next generation BMW X3 leaked

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