The next BMW M5 Xdrive

The next BMW M5 Xdrive

AWD may be the next step taken by the next BMW M5 (F90) in addition to the total abandonment of the manual transmission in all markets.

In itself, the arrival of the BMW M catalog Xdrive will not be a novelty, the X5 and X6 M is already being loaded from the start. However, AWD aboard a BMW M sedan is motivated by market demands such as Canada or Switzerland for models M 600 hp and more. These words perfectly officials are those of Frank van Meel, head of M GmbH, interviewed by the British magazine Autocar.

It’s Frank van Meel, head of the Motorsport division, who confess in person. Models developing more or less 600 horses will offer all-wheel drive to the catalog in addition to the standard power.

Note that these M 4×4 versions could avoid the badge “xDrive” common to all-wheel drive BMW currently.

The next BMW M5 Xdrive


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