News of the Mercedes AMG Project One

News of the Mercedes AMG Project One

On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show where he logically made an appearance, Mercedes-AMG President Tobias Moers revealed new information concerning the Hypercar “Project One” currently being prepared in the workshops of the brand to the star .

The German Hypercar, about which Mercedes-AMG has already unveiled a few teaser images and confirmed the presence on board of a hybrid powertrain derived from that embarked in its F1 cars, will offer unusual performance but at a Cost likely to be very high.

As expected, this new hypercar will be powered by a block derived from that used in Formula 1. In this case a V6 1.6 turbo, whose rotation speed should reach 11,000 rpm in red zone. Never seen on a road car!

From a practical point of view, it must also be remembered that this sportsman will be homologated for the road. It should therefore not require the support of a technical team at each exit. That said, Tobias Moers nevertheless specified that the thermal engine of “Project One” will be guaranteed only for 50,000 kilometers. Beyond this mileage, it will indeed be necessary to consider a complete reconstruction of the block. But, according to several experts, such an athlete rarely exceeds 10,000 kilometers; The car often becoming before the hour an investment.

News of the Mercedes AMG Project One

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