News from the Detroit Auto Show 2017


With the year beginning with a new administration in the United States in a few days and with the statements about the automotive industry and the promotion of employment in that country, it would be very wise to see envoys of the new era and even the president-elect himself Back through Detroit.

Conclusion, we will see many vans, foreign brands will make great presentations and will be taught the following era in autonomous driving, connected driving and mobility safety, the car is changing and Detroit also with its new area, after 110 years of making, The technology arrives at the pavilion called Automobili-D, competing against the CES of Las Vegas that until jokingly already they were nicknamed him the “Car Electronic Show”. I invite you to follow the new in the supplement Automo de Metrometal next Thursday.

On the American side, Chevrolet has its important year in trucks with the Traverse that benefits from what we already knew in technologies of the new Acadia, now in Chevrolet is with less weight, better handling, more efficient engine train and technology, Is aimed at a competitor of great respect. At Ford, the F150 now brings a V6 turbo diesel engine.

Redesigned in the United States will be a grille and wheel customization program, we hope you have much more information on your hybrid cars that will make today the 2020 models. Chrysler, the brand that made the best product presentation shows, does not seem to Will use Detroit as a great stage. Jeep redesign is expected.


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