New Volvo XC60 LEAKS

New Volvo XC60 LEAKS

It’s the greatest continuity travesty since Sully’s Porsche Targa repair in Commando. A flip-flop more obvious than Bond’s flop flipping Mustang in Diamonds Are Forever. Jump on the internet. Get those hashtags burning.

Add the leaked profile shot to the half a dozen or so teaser photos of the new XC60 we’ve already seen, and a very clear picture emerges of a car which will bring all the XC90 offers but in a more compact, more efficient and more affordable package.

Another thing this leaked image reveals is that Volvo moved the front axle forward, thus shortening the front overhang for a more appealing profile design. And based on the lack of a charge port door, this XC60 is no plug-in hybrid. While on the subject of engines, 2.0-liter mills will be the norm.

Following the XC60’s debut tomorrow on the dawn of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, Volvo will when gear up to expand its crossover offerings by introducing a smaller XC40. It has already been green-lighted for a fall reveal, so sales of the baby Swede crossover should kick off by the year’s end of early 2018.

New Volvo XC60 LEAKS

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