The new Volkswagen Polo

The new Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen sees the future in these simple and inexpensive mild hybrid. The manufacture and servicing are even cheaper than complex modern diesel engines with particulate filters and SCR systems.

The absolute foundation of the atmospheric liter three-cylinder engine, which needs to be known from the Fabia. As for the other engines, of course there is the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI in several performance versions. With engines 1.2 TSI and 1.4 TSI already counted. Instead, the engine comes with a 1.5 TSI switching off the rolls, on top of the 2.0 TSI unit settles in the sports version of the Polo GTI and possibly Polo R.

Big news but we can expect under the hood. New Polo gets is a modified modular MQB platform, which is designed for smaller cars. Anyway, the new generation SEAT Ibiza. This platform will enable the installation of new propulsion systems and particularly to increase strength and reduce weight.

Inside will turn a little more space, but the basic outer dimensions Pola not change too. Spread equipment and surcharge will be able to get advanced safety and driver assistance systems more common in cars higher price category.

The new Volkswagen Polo

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