The new Volkswagen Crafter

VW Crafter 2017 1

Innovative exterior of the new model, the Crafter has a Cx = 0.33, the lowest coefficient of drag of air in its class. The ideal ratio between usable space and exterior dimensions while clearly demonstrates how effective were used knowledge gained from analyzes the development of new platforms for commercial vehicles, for which the Crafter built. In combination with the highest levels of practicality for everyday use and the optimal arrangement of cargo space are so new model Crafter joined apparent contradictions. That is not all.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles rebuilds autumn new Crafter. And now publishes the first sketch of innovative design of the new “Big Brother” series T. Shaped solutions for the Crafter, based on modern design DNA Volkswagen brand promise functionality, attractiveness, reliability and exceptional quality workmanship and quality of materials and fabrics.

This is reflected in the functionality and design of the new model Crafter. Approach in this area by Alberta-based Johanna Kirzinger, chief designer of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, on careful analysis, “Now in the segment of commercial vehicles should be purposeful design for many different groups of customers.”

The new Crafter is a completely newly developed car and it corresponds fundamentally new design concept. Experts Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for this purpose questioned more intensely than ever before users and customers on their needs and ideas, and also asked them to participate in the new design proposal for the Crafter in order according to their liking. Specialists from Hanover often accompanied the drivers in daily operations and directly to their workplace finding out what their wishes.

VW Crafter New development begins to reveal

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