New Toyota Prius Plug

New Toyota Prius Plug

A pioneer in rechargeable hybrid, Toyota believes that the significant additional costs imposed by this technology hinders dissemination. In France, where the price difference reached € 9,000 out environmental bonus, he actually sold a rechargeable hybrid Prius for fifteen conventional hybrids. QED.

Besides autonomy, the electrical power this new Prius is progressing thanks to its larger battery and the ability to simultaneously use the generator and the electric motor the hybrid system for propulsion of the car. This feature not only helps produce faster acceleration from red light for a more pleasant city driving, but also to reach a top speed all-electric, which goes from 85 to 135 km / h, which now also allows to consider a serene attendance expressways.

In driving this Toyota Prius Premium offers the most popular technologies. It offers the automatic emergency braking, warning the border line with trajectory correction, adaptive cruise control and automatic parking. It therefore has all the necessary sensors to an autopilot (radars, front camera …), however it does not offer keeps in line.

Finally, the plug-in hybrid is also remarkable Prius inside with a center console made differently. The main change is the touch screen 8 inches vertically (horizontal 7 inches), involving the use of different forms of aerators. Just have to wait for its release next fall could try this rechargeable Prius. By then, we should be knowing its rates and under what proportion they increase over the standard model.

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