The new Toyota Prius 2017

The new Toyota Prius 2017

Aside from its hybrid design which guarantees up to 50 km range, the new Prius stands out because it features a touch screen giant board 11.6 “HUD, which is reminiscent of the slab 17 “Tesla proposed in the past. Here, the material that surrounds it is however a good old plastic, quite far from the quality of the coating machine Elon Musk.

The new generation was clearly more interesting on paper. With a lithium-ion battery 8.8 kWh, Toyota promises an electric range of over 50 km, comparable to what offers the Golf GTE. When the engine is not operated, the maximum speed is 135 km / h. The Japanese manufacturer indicates that charging takes about 2 hours 20 minutes with a 230V outlet. Optionally, Toyota will offer a recharging system by solar panels.

Can accommodate up to 4 occupants, the Toyota Prius Premium has a 4-cylinder 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, the same as all the Prius currently possess. It also features modern and dynamic look with many including LED lights at the rear spoiler.

More importantly, autonomy has been improved and is expected to double that of the current model, about 50 kilometers (5h for charging into a wall outlet). In a statement, the Japanese manufacturer says that this is the daily distance covered by half of American drivers. The total autonomy, it is estimated at more than 950 km. Fuel consumption is 1.4 l / 100 km for CO2 emissions at 32 g / km. The efficiency of the hybrid couple should nevertheless be associated with quicker handling before, with a top speed climbing to 135 km / h in 100% electric.

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