A new Tesla Model S “first prize”

A new Tesla Model S "first prize"

Previously marketed in the United States, the 60 kWh version of the Tesla Model S for the relatively modest budgets landed in France, and is available in several versions: the “60” single drive version is available from 70,800 euros (or 624 euros / month LOA), while the AWD version “60D” will cost 76,400 euros. For comparison, the BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid (340 hp) is available at 69,600 euros penalty included an Audi A7 BiTDI 320 hp at 75,590 euros with penalties, and a Mercedes-Benz CLS 400 (V6 petrol 333 hp) at 75,300 euros.

The basic version can be adapted to the wishes of the buyer, if it does not care about all the equipment of S 85 or 90 s and wants to get away cheaply. But if he wants all the updates, it will arrive soon to 100,000 euros.

Integrating a battery with a larger capacity than that used by the driver is good news on several fronts. First, the battery will wear out less quickly, since it will never be used and recharged beyond 60 kWh. In addition, rapid recharging Supercharger will be faster, with the highest density of cells.

If you expected that these wiser versions are accompanied by a significant drop in prices, he missed!

The Model S 60 is available from € 70,800 and 60D from € 76,400 (price of the old Model S 70D non-restyled). They always take advantage of the environmental bonus of € 6300.

The Model S 60 and 60D are already available on the Tesla configurator.

A new Tesla Model S "first prize" 1

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