New Suzuki Swift Sport


Of the game it is very probably convertible that Suzuki was offered in 1992 and which was at the time of his arrival smallest and cheapest car on the open market. Although Swift conversion came on the back seat, but it also nehyzdil no protective arc. In addition, the rebirth was not affected or trunk, the roof is made up outside under a tarp.

This concept could of course also be applied now, as the Japanese brand, thanks to the gradual increase in dimensions to keep both rows of seats. However, since the sales of convertibles in recent years steadily falling, Suzuki is very likely sacrifice the considerable costs of development on the altar of the small registration for the purpose of excellence.

This variant is decorated with the offer and present, against dosluhujícímu design course at the news will be a fundamental change in the engine compartment. Atmospheric 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder replaces 1,4litrová unit, which already operates in the model Vitara S. Under the hood of a hatchback should produce about 140 horsepower, compared to the atmosphere thus a significant increase in performance occurs.

Essential is to be, however, strengthening of the torque that is higher by 50%. Certainly it can be expected to improve driving dynamics, at least in a straight line. The question is whether the arrival of the turbocharged unit would not suffer predictable reactions of the car, which belonged to the strongest aspects of the current Suzuki Swift Sport. Weight increase, however, worry not.


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