New Seat Ibiza officially has a spacious interior

New Seat Ibiza officially has a spacious interior 1

It is only a few hours, what in the world escaped the first images of the new generation SEAT Ibiza, and now here we have it officially. The ceremonial unveiling of the car took place tonight in Barcelona, ​​whereby has the right to place his representative before but share with you a first impression of a live meeting, let’s say something about the technique used. You’ll be surprised!

For passengers, this would bring more space. Specifically, the rear leg about 35 mm extra height of the ceiling above the front seats has increased by 24 mm and the rear of the 17th suitcase holds a lot more than before. The new value of the volume is 355 liters, which is the highest in the class of small hatchbacks.

Offer closes another special version of the aforementioned aggregate 1.0 TSI burning natural gas. While the weaker engines are paired with a standard five-speed manual and more powerful engines get six degrees, or The optional dual-clutch automatic DSG.

Exhibition premiere is scheduled for the March Geneva sale will launch in the first half of this year. The automaker compared to the past will only offer five-door body, because she adds, visual aggression pětidvířka is that třídvířka was needed.

New Seat Ibiza officially has a spacious interior

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