New Range Rover Velar first drive

New Range Rover Velar first drive

We knew when we first saw it the Velar’s interior was something special. A generational step on, it is more advanced and has more tactile clout even than the Range Rover itself, a slightly awkward problem for Land Rover it won’t be too upset to have. It’s modern, interesting, wonderfully crafted, different and gorgeous. Materials quality is boutique-level luxurious. It’s a modern car interior of the highest order.

The two remaining units are V6s, with one diesel – the D300 – and one petrol, in P380 form. The diesel’s 516lb ft of torque helps it reach 60mph in 6.1sec, but the petrol is a touch quicker, at 5.3sec. Top speed for the D300 is 150mph and it’s 155mph for the P380, making them the fastest overall.

The 3.0-litre V6 diesel is a much better bet: with a 0-60mph time of 6.1 seconds it’s very nearly as quick, but feels much more effortless in the way it goes about its business thanks to a wealth of low-down and mid-range torque. It’s an old engine, but a good’un.

It doesn’t have a low-ratio transfer box, nor the decoupling anti-roll bars you can get on the Sport. So it’s not fully specced to Land Rover’s outermost off roader level. But by most standards it’s massively capable in the wilderness.

New Range Rover Velar first drive

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