New product Improvement of three models of Toyota minivan

New product Improvement of three models of Toyota minivanSome models were upgraded and released. Changed the appearance design of Voxy, including “Noah” and “Esquire”, and adopted surface-emitting LED clearance lamps. The storage, table, USB power supply and other user-friendly equipment were also enriched. Sales prices are Voxyy, Noah from 2,467,720 yen each, Esquire from 2,675,560 yen.

In addition to installing a dedicated handrail that is easy to get on and off in the optimum place, Well Join introduced a dedicated second seat that ensures passage width when getting on and off, so that passengers can get on and off the third seat by themselves. Not only transportation to nursing home facilities, but also transportation means in areas that have problems of traffic blanks due to abolition of bus lines accompanying depopulation has made it easy to use according to various uses.

The side lift-up tilt seat car supports the seating and the rise of the user by the introduction of the tilt function so that the seat is inclined forward when getting on and off, reducing the burden on the assistant. Also, by limiting the overhang of the seat to about 55 cm, it was possible to get on and off even in a parking lot in a general household or a narrow space on the go.

In addition, we released a door stabilizer & amp; brace set which is common to all three models, released for Alphard / Velfire and gained popularity, realized more linear handling.

New product Improvement of three models of Toyota minivan

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