New Porsche Panamera

Nouvelle Porsche Panamera

Yesterday in the day, Porsche has released a teaser video for the new Panamera. So few pictures of the craft are visible (especially it suffices to rear light identity), the brand has chosen to highlight its history and its many innovations since its inception, all qualified follies. For Porsche this is rather called courage, and promises to change everything again with the new Panamera.

Appointment on June 28, then, to discover the new generation of 4-door sedan from Porsche, which should also enjoy a wagon version in the coming months.

Still hidden in the darkness, we find the stern of the Panamera second generation. And “sporty four-door” as it is called Porsche adopts a whole new light signature with very fine lights, similar to those of the recent 991-2, connected by a bright line, which is reminiscent the signing of the 911 Carrera 4S. Porsche is the monogram is the recent 718 718 Boxster and Cayman. But above all-we recognize the aesthetic leg of the final concept of the brand, the Mission E, 100% electric sedan, especially the Sport Turismo concept of the World 2012!

It’s all about the rear part of the future sedan. the light signature We discover and united lights with a luminous band. What even approach the Sport Turismo concept.

Nouvelle Porsche Panamera 1

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