New Porsche Cayenne leaked prematurely

New Porsche Cayenne leaked prematurely

On August 29, Porsche will reveal the new Cayenne in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the home of the brand. The Cayenne celebrates its world premiere in a swirling show with music, light and spectacular choreography. Follow it live on Tuesday 29 August from 21:00.

The Cayenne has not changed shockingly, but has had a great recovery. In particular, the nose does not seem to change, but the car and the flanks of the car are well taken care of. On the backside, it is clear to recognize the “new” family face, something that we have seen back in the 718 and the 911 revamped.

On the inside, the car has been pulled in line with the recently introduced Panamera. The button screen has also been placed here for control panels, which makes the interior a lot of good.

What goes under the hood remains guesswork, so until that time we have to do something with this image. What do you think?

New Porsche Cayenne leaked prematurely

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