The new Opel Insignia GS

Who wants wagon, he will have the prices for different versions of the Grand Sport to credit CZK 25 000. This difference is the same as before.
Other power units are more powerful version of that patnáctistovky (121 kW) and a two-liter turbo (191 kW). It is always associated with eight-automatic and all-wheel drive.

The length of the entry area can not have a reservation, as well as the relatively subtle thresholds during boarding but well, you subconsciously more tilted her head to her neškrtli a longitudinal roof beam. Head to touch the ceiling only if you fully stretch, back, relaxed sitting position while still some centimeter remained in contact.

As the station wagon is concerned, that is by 25 thousand more expensive. Thus starts at the amount of CZK 594,900 for the 1.5 Turbo equipped Selection, on top is then 2.0 Turbo Innovation for CZK 884,900. Then there then we have an extensive optional equipment, the song can be found in the price list for the Insignia Grand Sport (PDF. 194 KB) and station wagon Sports Tourer (PDF, 406 kB).

In the finals, while only give it so. Special prices are according to the Czech office of Opel’s long-term effect. So definitely do not have to worry that you during several months of hesitation, finally leaving dealers with more money than now.

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