the New NSX GT3 Race Car

Acura NSX GT3 Racecar

The NSX uses a longitudinally mounted twin turbo six cylinder DOHC engine, a nine-speed dual clutch transmission and a rear Direct Drive Motor placed between the engine and gearbox.

The front wheels are powered independently by two parallel high-performance electric motors, providing torque instantaneously.

With a new deck wing spoiler, an underbody diffuser, and some nice, big hood vents, the NSX GT3 looks absolutely menacing. Not to mention it went completely bare for the photoshoot, wearing nothing but carbon fiber skin.

But looks are only half of what makes the NSX GT3…well, the NSX GT3. The 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 found under the hood uses many of the same components found on the road car—block, heads, valvetrain, crankshaft, etc—but does so with the addition of a 6-speed, sequential racing gearbox, sending power strictly to the rear wheels.

“In terms of driving what really has surprised me are the brakes, the feelings are not so far from what we feel driving in F1.”

Driving the NSX is softer and sweeter than an F1 car because you are not searching for every little fraction of an inch, as you do in races.

“It is like the difference between artistic drawing and technical drawing.”

the New NSX GT3 Race Car 1

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