The New Nissan Leaf

The New Nissan Leaf

With nothing more complicated than the flip of a switch, technology will turn the new Leaf’s accelerator into an e-Pedal that will let the driver accelerate, decelerate and come to a complete stop. The Nissan technology will be the first one-pedal system for operating a vehicle in the world where drivers can bring the car to a total stop even on hills, stay in position, and then begin driving again instantly.

Whether the technology is revolutionary is debatable, though, since the e-Brake is essentially a fancy name for an aggressive regenerative braking system. Other EVs such as the Chevrolet Bolt adopt a similar system, albeit using paddle shifters to make the regenerative braking stronger.

Tesla, on the other hand, uses different modes to control the strength of the regenerative system. No doubt there will be many more teasers released in the run up to the new Nissan Leaf’s reveal on September 5.

On the technology front, the Leaf is expected to be equipped with the company’s first-generation ProPilot autonomous driving system, which could potentially allow the car to steer, brake and accelerate for itself within a single highway lane.

The New Nissan Leaf

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