New Nissan Leaf to have e-pedal

New Nissan Leaf to have e-pedal

The Japanese company claims the second-generation electric car will revolutionise the way people drive thanks to what it is calling the e-pedal.

The news comes ahead of the car’s unveiling in Japan in September. Nissan claims the e-pedal will allow drivers to do 90 per cent of their driving without touching the brake pedal.

Nissan says the e-Pedal will be useful in 90 per cent of driving situations, and for those who are a little apprehensive, a conventional brake pedal will be fitted for the remaining 10 per cent of the time – and for your sanity.

The Japanese company has first launched LEAF (Leading Environmentally-friendly Affordable Cars) in 2010 in the US and Japanese markets, followed by European markets in 2011. The all new Nissan Leaf 2018 edition will be launched on September 6, 2017. Confident of huge customer demand, the company plans to mass produce the Leaf car.

New Nissan Leaf to have e-pedal

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