A new model Toyota Camry debuts

A new model Toyota Camry debuts

TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture), which began with the current type Prius, was adopted one after another in Toyota’s new model which appeared later, and now the company’s car making is in the midst of a major transformation. The new camry announced this time was also developed based on TNGA and has evolved as boldly as ever. The development slogan of the new Camry is “Unprecedented Change”. It was a major highlight that the platform, power train unit, and electronic parts were all renewed from scratch.

Camry sold a total of 18 million units in 100 countries and regions around the world since its release in 1982. Recently, the popularity of multipurpose sports car (SUV) etc is globally increasing, and a head wind blows. An announcement opened on the same day in Tokyo.

For example, by setting the position of the front seat backward and setting the hip point low, we made it possible to realize a running feeling with stability. Moreover, by lowering the center of gravity height, ride comfort with little rolling and realized stable running. Based on TNGA, the engine was renewed.

In addition to that, the collision avoidance support package “Toyota Safety sense P” is equipped as standard on all models, and the “rear cross traffic auto brake” that automatically detects the vehicle approaching from the rear left and right at the blind spot at the time of backward movement We adopt the function for the first time at the Toyota brand, and we are also enhancing preventive safety equipment.

A new model Toyota Camry debuts

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