New Mini Countryman Growth Push

New Mini Countryman Growth Push

Moreover, it makes 2.4 seconds in the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h, which is not nothing. It remains that the terrible child of the Mini range is well armed to face a competition of challengers hitherto unknown to its predecessor including the formidable Audi Q2. A beautiful fight is coming.

In driving, for its small SUV gauge, the Countryman seems much more agile … one almost feels like being in a compact sports car. Undoubtedly, a lively and fun car to drive. Its connections to the ground are for many. In fact, the Countryman Cooper S of our trial does not disappoint and inscribes the Mini genes in its DNA.

As soon as one discovers it, one sees that this Countryman is far from being mini. Small is beautiful can be, but the tendency in the English manufacturer is rather to magnify its iconic model and its derivatives. With its 4.30 m, the Countryman is at the limit of the urban SUV segment. But he is more handsome than his elder. This is not so much due to its specificity of style, which has been extended – less oval projectors, a tighter grille, a quarter-glass window with a characteristic off-hook – and a more balanced overall appearance thanks to an extra 20 cm.

Test. In England, in the Oxfordshire region, Mini invited us for the international launch of the second-generation Countryman. Finishing quality, vivid engines, enriched endowment and more imposing format, the ultra chic Countryman SUV has grown. It will be available in Morocco as of March 2017 from 318 000 DH.

The Countryman, a Mini ... maxi! 1

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