The new Mercedes E-Class

The new Mercedes E-Class 1

When it comes to technological innovations, the S-Class is traditionally the car that Mercedes chooses to unleash its newest and best offerings. But technology is changing at such a pace that the new E-Class now threatens to eclipse the S-Class. You can remotely park the car using a smartphone app – this is a feature only recently available on BMW’s flagship 7 Series – the same smartphone can also be used as a key.

The E-Class now boasts many of the styling elements we’ve already seen in the S-Class and C-Class. The company describes the look as sophisticated, elegant, and stylishly sporty. It has a body 43mm longer than its predecessor and 65mm longer in terms of wheelbase. It also has a coupé-like roof-line and a muscular rear end, like that of its bigger and smaller siblings.

Here in Ireland three style and equipment lines are offered: Avant Garde, Exclusive, and AMG. As before, buyers can choose between models with a bonnet-mounted star and louvered grille favoured by regular E-Class owners or one with grille inset star, which is said to be more likely to appeal to sporty types.

As of now, the new ‘E’ has all the latest automotive safety technology. Needless to say, when the face-lifted S-Class arrives in 2017, it too will get all systems of the E-Class and more. Of course, when the new BMW 5-Series is introduced it may have some additional safety features that will undoubtedly spur Mercedes on to new innovations.

The new Mercedes E-Class

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