This is how the new Mercedes A-Class looks

This is how the new Mercedes A-Class looks 1

Cars are supposed to fall in love to pull buyers’ money out of their pockets. Dieter Zetsche knows how great this attraction is: “Our design team under the leadership of Gorden Wagener is one of the best in the industry,” says the Daimler CEO, “the worldwide sales success of our vehicles is ultimately based on their outstanding design.”

After having been offered five compact units with the A- and B-Class, CLA and CLA shooting break and the GLA, Mercedes announced at the Detroit Motorshow a few weeks ago that there will be eight games in the second generation of the series.

Mercedes has been the leading premium manufacturer in front of Audi and BMW since this year. The courage which has been proved here has thus paid off. “We are in the fortunate position that our board members are Car Guys and trust the competence and experience of the design team, which is why we are able to create the creativity and the courage to constantly develop and cross borders,” says Wagener. It remains to be hoped for the clientele and Mercedes that this is still a long time.

This is how the new Mercedes A-Class looks 1

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