New Mercedes Benz S Class 112800 Yen

New Mercedes Benz S Class 112800 Yen

“Intelligent drive” is a complex sensor system that detects leading vehicles, crossing vehicles, backwards vehicles, oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, etc. and judges the situation. Assisting the accelerator, brake, steering automatically, reduces the burden on the driver. Improve safety and comfort.

“Active Distance Assist / DISTRONIC (with automatic restart function)” that maintains the distance between the subject vehicle and the preceding vehicle also has a new automatic restart function, and within 30 seconds after stopping, the driver does not press on the accelerator Also start automatically.


Front design,
· Three-line headlight with optical fiber
· All grinding twin louver front grille
· Wide air intake
By adopting it, it got a fearless appearance.

The LED rear combination lamp adopts a “crystal look” that recalls the starry sky. “Cumming home function function” which lights when unlocking / locking so as to flow from the inside to the outside and from the lower side to the upper side has also been introduced.

New Mercedes Benz S Class 112800 Yen

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