New Mercedes-Benz CLS previewed again

New Mercedes-Benz CLS previewed again

At the front is an almost vertical nose that is pitched forward at the top, compared with the outgoing model, while the grille adopts the fashionable black diamond mesh with a single-tier slice through the middle. There’s also some smart new multi-beam LED headlights.

A new spy video has emerged, and we can’t help but lust over it. While previous spy photos have shown the new AMG A45 sporting a dual exhaust setup, this latest prototype clearly has a quad setup. AMG has already confirmed the 2018 A45 hatch will pack 400-hp.

Since the CLS, many other automakers have tried to adopt the four-door coupe design. Prominent examples include the sixth-generation (2010-2014) Hyundai Sonata and the Volkswagen Passat CC. These cars proved that sedan practicality didn’t have to come at the expense of style and good looks.

As the rumors state, there’s not going to be a V8 under the hood of this car. That affects both the successor to the CLS 500/550, but also the 63 AMG. Most of the engines that will be offered will have six cylinders in a row, like a BMW. There’s also talk of a flagship to be called CLS 50 or CLS 53 that will have a little under 500 HP from a hybrid twin-turbo.

New Mercedes-Benz CLS previewed again

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