The new McLaren 720

The new McLaren 720

Bad news for McLaren. The new supercar that the British manufacturer wanted to unveil world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show (March 9-19) has just leaked on the web. The replacement of the 650S, called P14 internally, was indeed photographed during a private presentation.

Good news for us. This shot was taken while the beautiful was devoid of any camouflage. The opportunity is therefore given to appreciate the lines of the coupe and to realize that it will display a most aggressive look, marked by a menacing muzzle, large hips and especially carved sides.

Some say that there is a good resemblance to Pagani, and it must be admitted, the Huayra is not so far from this 720S. As for the performance, the observation is similar since, as the name suggests, the car has 720 hp but also a structure made entirely of carbon fiber for an ultra content weight.

This time, for sure, McLaren seems to have gone off to supersede the Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan by playing on the land of the most powerful supercars on the planet. The car will be official in a few weeks, but you can already give us your opinion. So, this new McLaren, we buy?

McLaren 720S This is it

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