A new Mazda in March 2017

Mazda Corporation lance une nouvelle version de la Mazda3

The range of new generation Mazda models, designed to offer driving performance Jinba Ittai and an ideal driving position, started with the launch of Mazda CX-5 in 2012.

These products were created by a development philosophy based on the human factor and supported by research on the characteristics and human sensations to ensure a pleasant driving experience.

The real revolution is mostly implemented under the hood, because although in theory the SKYACTIV powertrain has not changed, the Mazda3 is the first car to incorporate SKYACTIV Vehicle Dynamics controls, a series of new control generation technologies of movement vehicle which will be introduced on the new Mazda models.

The new Mazda3 uses, for example, vector control G-force, a system that improves the management and the driving experience, always in connection with the Jinba Itai philosophy proposed by Mazda (meaning the union between horse and rider).

Inside, the changes are too minor, and preserved the ergonomics as it can be seen in the current generation of the car. Only a few materials have been changed.

The real change rather lies in the addition of SKYACTIV technology called Vehicle Dynamics, a set of new commands that will better control the car. The first of these commands, called vector control G force, is found in the new Mazda3 for the first time on a vehicle. The Mazda6 unveiled later this year, will also feature as standard, as are other members of the family as and renewal.

Mazda Corporation lance une nouvelle version de la Mazda3

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