New Lexus LS 500h

New Lexus LS 500h

The Lexus LS is an outright competitor of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW 7 Series and the Audi A8. The German brands handle lower fares, but Lexus offers richer standard equipment. To get the German models at a similar level, you need to check a mountain of options, which means that the final price is expected to rise even further.

The new Lexus LS 500h is available from the Lexus dealer as Luxury Line (116,995 euros), F SPORT Line (126,995 euros), Executive Line (127,995 euros) and President Line (149,995 euros).

poke behind, the Kiriko glass in combination with the origami door panels and a QLI Reference Surround Sound System of the renowned high-end audio brand Mark Levinson.

The Lexus flagship can drive up to 140 km / h, fully electrically driven. The LS 500h features a 3.5 liter V6 petrol engine and two power sources. Together they are good for 359 hp of power. Change of resistance goes smoothly and automatically, thanks to a ten-speed machine.

New Lexus LS 500h

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