New Lexus LC500


“Lexus is a pioneer of hybrid systems and perhaps we have a role to show that hybrid has more capability now. It would be a unique driving experience, I think. So maybe the LC500h is the car that would satisfy the requirement for a faster car.”

Lexus has yet to confirm a price for the UK market, but expect the LC500 to start at around £85,000 for a car that will leave you wanting very little in terms in specification.

But if the local Lexus exec’s words could be construed to mean the LC is more of the same, international spokesman for Lexus, Paul Williamsen, offered his view that the new coupe is a game changer.

It would be surprising if any of the potential niggles mentioned above were enough to make you lose interest in the LC – not least because it’s the sort of car you’re likely to want  (or not want) long before you reach a showroom. And if none of those niggles bother you, or if perhaps you have fallen in love with its styling, then the case for considering an LC is hard to ignore.


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