The new Kia Picanto reveals itself


The modernized dashboard will accommodate some Rio stitched elements (block of air conditioning knobs, vertical touch pad) and a redesigned dashboard. It will be framed by two vertical aerators.

This new generation of the model will offer more personalization (both outside and inside) and will have an integrated on-board display.

Kia also announces that the new Picanto will stock up on safety equipment.

The new Kia Picanto will be unveiled at the beginning of 2017.

At the rear, there too, big changes are to be noted with this lighting in the form of hooks, and a more imposing shield integrating a double exit of exhaust. Of course, sketches do not necessarily represent 100% of the final product, but there is a slightly sportier presentation of the Picanto, which also changes with a screen not integrated in the dashboard but deported on This one, a little higher. The steering wheel changes and is less “old-fashioned” while the very vertical air vents contrast with their more classic shape on the current Picanto.


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