The new Kia Picanto 2017 in pictures


The wheelbase has been extended by 15 mm, with a desire to push the wheels in the 4 corners of the car. This benefits the style but also the interior volume: Kia promises usability and a capacity of loading “unparalleled in this market”.

The new Kia Picanto is unveiled in a photo album unveiling its GT-Line dress and cockpit. This 3rd generation has a 2.4 m wheelbase, which is 15 mm longer than the current model. This should offer a little more space to the occupants while keeping the same length (3595 mm). The exterior style of the Picanto remains faithful to the pencil stroke of the Kia with a characteristic grille. The small Korean can however be largely customizable with 11 body colors.

Kia looked after the presentation inside (hopefully the same for the finish). The car adopts a floating touch screen, placed on a thick decorative wand that extends in front of the passenger. On either side of the instrument panel there are large vertical aerators.

Kia will present its brand new Kia Picanto for the first time to the public at the Geneva International Motor Show.


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