The new Honda Civic has a complete price list Czec

The new Honda Civic has a complete price list Czec

Learn more from a complete official price list (PDF, 510 kB), which apart from those premium package includes a premium has only one item, namely metallic paint. It is yet at all levels of equipment available for CZK 13,900. All other items are already but depending on the choice grade standard.

For completeness, we should add that if you are none of the versions come quite interesting, salvation is literally at your fingertips – Honda has confirmed that the upcoming Motor Show in Geneva will bring the series version of the new Type-R. And it will be at least after the driving dynamics really interesting alternative …

Of course, the Civic for more money to offer more music, and not just in equipment but also in case of power under the hood as the basic version fitted liter three-cylinder 129 horsepower works. Besides this, customers can reach even after a 1.5-liter four-cylinder, turbocharged also supplemented that already produces 182 horsepower For both engines, while Honda offers a six-speed manual or CVT automatic.

These facts have long been known, but the novelty is the official entry into the Czech market. According to a press release sale will start on March 20, more than a month. Currently published price lists are then confirmed by the previous amount, which start in the sum of CZK 469,900 for the model equipped with three-cylinder, four-cylinder engine will need at least 639,900 CZK. Count but at that moment you can already a sportier-looking bodykit.

The new Honda Civic has a complete price list Czec

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