the new GT-R is official

the new GT-R is official

Outside, the Nissan GT-R has undergone a complete overhaul. The new grille in matte chrome V is one of the design elements of the Nissan brand signature. It was expanded to optimize engine cooling. The new hood perfectly extends the grille V. More rigid, new hood helps to increase high-speed stability by more support up front. Additional support is also generated by the new front bumper spoiler and new front of the Nissan.

Thus, the new Nissan GT-R benefits including a new front bumper with a GT-R logo particularly highlighted, not to mention the new visual signature of the manufacturer. Of both sides, there are also openings that incorporate a diode bar. The rocker panels have also been redesigned, as aerodynamics of the whole, which concludes with a new rear spoiler. The beautiful sports now camped on wide rims 20 “unpublished, and the back of the GT-R does not clearly casts doubt as to its orientation (very) sporty.

The interior benefits from more level editing dashboard and instrumentation and new gadgets. I especially want to emphasize that the shifters are now found on the steering wheel. For some, it may seem like a step backwards, but this change will promote the passages in mid-corner.

This update is also technique and 3.8 V6 biturbo has 20 additional horsepower, bringing the total power to 570 hp and torque to 637 Nm (5 Nm). The box-clutch transmission is also optimized, with smoother gearshifting and quieter. Finally, a new titanium exhaust line charge to improve the sound. Nissan does not communicate the performance of the new GT-R (Model Year 2017), which will be released next fall.

the new GT-R is official 1

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