Here is the new Golf 7 vintage 2017


On the engine side, this new Volkswagen Golf 7 restyle will have (among others) a brand new 1.5L TDI diesel engine. It will also be available in the 1.5L TSI Bluemotion version, with 130 horsepower, and a system to effectively ease the consumption when the driver releases the foot of the accelerator. Of course, the GTI version will be based on a more powerful block, with the 2.0L TSI 230 hp, while the version GTI Performance can count on a power of 245 hp. Transmission side, exit the DSG 6-speed dual clutch, and welcome to a new 7-speed transmission.

Under the hood, a new 1.5 TSI engine will now provide the core of the gasoline offer. First proposed in 150 horses, it will be joined next year by a variant Bluemotion of 130 horses. The latter is completely deactivated when the throttle is released to save fuel. Volkswagen announces up to 1l / 100km of average consumption less than on the current 1.4.

We invite you to discover the main changes in this video. The German group has decided to set up shop in Algeria. On November 12, he will sign a memorandum of understanding with his local partner, the private group Sovac, for the construction of an assembly plant at Relizane.

The Golf GTI and GTI Performance also gain in power with 2.0 TSIs developing respectively 230 and 245 hp (against 220 and 230 hp for the old versions). Note that the entire Golf range will gradually benefit from a 7-speed DSG in place of the current 6-speed DSG.


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