New Ford GT Supercar at

New Ford GT Supercar at 1

On Tuesday afternoon, we spoke to Henry Ford III about the program. He told us there had been plenty of internal discussion on how to allocate 500 GTs across the 10,000 Ford dealers in the US and 18 other countries. “We want to put the car in the hands of people who are true brand ambassadors for Ford,” he told us. That means people who will drive their GTs—to track days, to Cars and Coffee, and the like—rather than lock it away, or worse, flip it for a quick buck.

The new Ford GT website also offers a configurator that allows anyone to build a virtual GT and easily share their dream combinations from a number of color, wheels and interior themes with the world through social media.

The rear-wheel drive, mid-engine GT is being made with carbon fiber, aluminum and other lightweight materials. Ford’s aim for aerodynamics is obvious in the design of the GT, with what Ford describes as an “optimum tear-drop shape” and an “aircraft-inspired fuselage.”

Ford says that potential owners whose applications are approved will be guided through the buying process – and through the first years of ownership – by its new Ford GT Concierge Service, which aims to give customers a tailor-made experience.

New Ford GT Supercar at 1

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