New Ford Bronco could come with live axles

New Ford Bronco could come with live axles 1

That car uses a live axle at the front as well as the rear for optimum rock-hopping capability and suspension flex. According to Automotive News, supplier Dana has been selected for the Bronco project, with the front and rear axles set to feature Dana’s latest AdvanTEK gear technology.

To many, this is an indication the Bronco will follow Jeep in adopting live axles front and rear. But close observation on Dana’s website shows that AdvanTEK is available with independent suspension housings too. Presently, Ford’s 4×4 variants of the Ranger and Everest use independent front suspension, but a car built on the same T6 chassis in Brazil, the Troller T4, uses a live axle, meaning this is eminently possible.

A Ford spokesperson said that the Bronco “will meet the needs of our most demanding off-road enthusiasts.” But added that “We will have more information to share about Bronco’s suspension closer to launch.”

It will be very exciting to see how the Bronco will fare up against the mighty Wrangler as the latter has been dominating SUV sales based on its confidence in its off-road ability, the community of Wrangler fans and the fact that it is a highly customization model.

New Ford Bronco could come with live axles

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