new Ferrari LaFerrari Spider finally shows

new Ferrari LaFerrari Spider finally shows

Contrary to recent models such as the 488 Spider California, equipped with a folding roof, the future LaFerrari should be equipped with a retractable roof or removable carbon fiber fabric, especially for weight savings, but also because of the space already occupied by the engine, situated under the rear cover.

The declination Spider retains the chassis of carbon fiber of the LaFerrari cut, benefiting from some modifications to guarantee exceptional rigidity regardless of the version.

For the engine, there is obviously no choice and the less it will be a limited series of probably less than 500 copies. There is no change to the coupe, which means we found the V12 800 hp “helped” by a hybrid and an electric motor of 163 hp for a total power of 963 hp. The chassis has naturally been the subject of specific adaptations, notably to achieve the rigidity of the coupe.

Finally matter, since the brand announced at the outset that the entire production has already been sold during a presentation in preview. Surprise us, the brand will open the show with this enhanced black livery of fine red piping. The hardtop is he, made of carbon fiber.

For now, Ferrari confirms the “soft top”, that is to say, the soft top, or a hard top in carbon fiber. If we also include the 800 hp V12 and the electric motor 20 kW (163 hp) of the LaFerrari, for a power of 963 hp, the Maranello firm states that the chassis has undergone many changes, obviously related torsional rigidity and bending, as well as aerodynamics reviewed and revised to ensure the same strength even with the roof open.

new Ferrari LaFerrari Spider finally shows

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