New crossover Infiniti QX50

New crossover Infiniti QX50

After a few days at the international motor show in Los Angeles will host the public premiere of the new crossover Infiniti QX50. Under the hood model will house the latest motor VC-Turbo, which has the technology to change the compression ratio of fuel. The developers say that the Infiniti QX50 has made “a breakthrough in the development of internal combustion engines” – motor model capable of optimizing power and fuel consumption depending on the load.

We don’t know much about the new QX50, aside from what we can glean from these teasers, which ain’t much. The grille will be suitably large, and the headlights won’t be. It should also carry Infiniti’s new variable-compression engine, which reportedly offers diesel-like efficiency with gasoline, and it’s about as potent as your average V6.

Crossover Infiniti QX50 is notable not only for its innovative engine. The developers promise that the car will be semi-Autonomous control ProPilot. This technology will significantly simplify the management of the SUV.

While we might not know how much Infiniti QX50 will cost, we do know that it measures in at 184.8 x 66.1 x 74.9 inches (LxHxW) and that it features a rather large 110.2-inch wheelbase, but this was to be expected since it’s an SUV.

New crossover Infiniti QX50

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