Yes. Chevrolet was right on the new project – the 1.4 turbo engine breathed into the middle hatch, in addition to making it more economical. In the previous generation, which has 1.8 engine aspirated, the hatch makes 6.1 km / l in the city and 7.1 km / l on the road. Now there are 7.6 km / l in the urban area and 9.3 km / l in the road. The interior has good quality materials and space is good. Comfort is the word of order. Play against absence of some items such as electric parking brake, air two zones and fins behind the steering wheel.

In day-to-day traffic, one aspect bothered and another tickled in three days of testing. Being too close to the ground, the rubber skirt below the front bumper scrapes easily when entering parking lots and garages. The rear camera has practically a wide angle lens, which works very well when parking the Cruze. In a 45-degree wave, it is even possible to see if a car will pass before even starting to maneuver the car.

There is no air conditioning, two zones behind the steering wheel for sequential gear changes, 100% led lights, electric parking brake, arrow repeaters on the mirrors and the possibility of switching off the start-stop system. There is also a package of $ 9,800, which adds frontal collision alert, blind spot detector in the rearview mirrors, stay assistant in the range, adaptive headlamp, front vehicle distance indicator, Wireless charger, automatic parking system, bank Of the driver with electric regulation of height, distance, inclination of the backrest and the seat.


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