The new Chevrolet Cruze is already

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It is equipped with new technologies including OnStar and a comprehensive active safety equipment. Since the LT version has automatic climate control, steering column adjustable in height and depth, onboard computer, cruise control, rear view camera and rear parking sensors, among others.

My Link2 offers, the new Infotainment system that enables simple and intuitive interaction with the new generation of smartphones. Integrates functions of certain phones in the touch screen 7 inches and up to 8 inches in the LTZ versions, for music, navigation and other applications. It also has Bluetooth, USB and AUX IN and LTZ Plus version offers inductive charging for this type of cell phones.

Another advantage is regarding the theft security car because with the OnStar system can reduce engine power and then stop it remotely if stolen, as well as GPS, to know where it is located and manage the police search.

In order to save fuel by stopping the car in a light-for example, the engine stops and starts when you press the clutch (in the case of manual gearbox) or brake sun (in automatic teller) .

Has covered pressure sensor; distance sensor with respect to other vehicles; sensor output white lines on the road, which is useful if the person is falling asleep, which also notifies you’re in that condition; It has parking sensors and automatic parking. For those interested in this brand new road should go to Balloffet and Sarmiento in trading schedule where they will be properly advised about AMSAT personnel.

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