New C3 Citroën great evening

New C3 Citroën great evening

Of course, during those dark years, Citroën were some extenuating circumstances. No less a threat of bankruptcy of the group and contradictory injunctions begging him to become low cost her innovative history, became the old brand, so had a magic wand to turn into Dacia Pier bleach. Then we had to decide, and it may be that back in race Carlos Tavares made before enquiller on his push to pass with a finally clear message: go to Citroën his cheeky side and innovative as its founder had treated , erasing the effect elderly that sticks to the train (rolling) for too long.

His little mischievous lights, its scratch-resistant blisters that friment on the doors and her curves are less mollassonnes than the previous. But the new Citroën C3 is not only the third C3 presented to us by Olivier Pagès. This is the revolution in the venerable house, the big night of Chevrons, the foundation stone of another Citroen. A brand that dropped just found. A brand that comes from far away, and we’re quite happy to see reappear, like an old high school friend lost sight of who we sign again on Facebook. We had not said appointment in ten years. But that was still two years that we had forgotten. And two years without a novelty for a car manufacturer, it’s an eternity.

Obviously, there was a launch this spring. But can we call the E-decently Mehari a novelty? Difficult to get a Blue Summer Bolloré bladder for a lantern Citroën. In terms of real new car, we must go back to 2013 and 2014, with the C4 Picasso first. The same year the compact SUV emerge and make their hole, the year minivans collapse, the year Citroën decided to launch an MPV. Champion radius “I smell my time.”

A year later, the rafters are launching the C4 Cactus. Whatever it is you? A more offbeat SUV and more fun than his cousin Peugeot 2008? UFO or a low cost without folding rear seats or opening windows in the back, too? An in-between, an essential car, do we learnedly explained. We did not really understand the concept, customers either.

New C3 Citroën great evening

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