New BMW M5 Is Truly Two Cars

New BMW M5 Is Truly Two Cars

It took only a few spins around the Circuito de Estoril (just outside of Lisbon, Portugal) in the newest M car for me to realize that the days of human beings having to work hard for dazzling lap times in a vehicle they can also comfortably drive across the country are now officially over.

But the biggest surprise was its 507-hp 5.0-liter V10 (S85) motor whose warbling soundtrack quickly won many fans, even if its SMG gearbox did not. Ironically, a six-speed manual was made available for the US market only. This was the best selling M5 of the lot, with 19,564 sedans and 1,025 estate car versions sold over five years.

In addition to these unique all-wheel-drive features, the BMW M5 is also outfitted with a full range of steering, suspension, and exhaust settings accessible to the driver via console and/or steering buttons, or via the highly customizable iDrive system.

Testing of the new M5 took place on the in-house race-track in Miramas, France, and on the infamous Nordschleife Nuerburgring track in Germany, and they have also developed a track ‘Safety Car’ version to officiate at MotoGP motor cycle grand prix races.

New BMW M5 Is Truly Two Cars

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