New BMW M140i and M240i for summer

New BMW M140i and M240i for summer

Positioned in the range of Bavarian manufacturer in the BMW M2 370 hp, the new arrivals available in versions 3 and 5 doors (M140i) and coupé / cabriolet (M240i), will replace the M135i and M235i models proposed so far with a cavalry 326 hp.

The new BMW 6-cylinder 3.0-liter unit offers 14 hp and 53 Nm more for newcomers, and may also be associated with a manual 6-speed or an automatic (Steptronic 8-speed Sport) available as an option.

Proposed standard with manual 6-speed gearbox, the new M140i, 3 and 5 doors, ask only 4.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, or, 3 seconds better than the M135i. A time which still goes down to 4.6 seconds with automatic transmission (optional) Steptronic 8-speed Sport or even 4.4 seconds for the version equipped with xDrive. Side M240i Coupe, these are exactly the same time.

In addition to athletic performance, the new block of the Munich firm was less greedy than its predecessor installed on the BMW M135i and M235i. It shows a consumption of 7,8l / 100 km for the M140i and the M240i Coupe, against 8,1l / 100km for the old block. CO2 emissions, too, are somewhat reduced, 179g / km, 10 g / km less than the old engine. The M240i Convertible her displays of consumption slightly higher than her sisters; 8,3l / 100km, and CO2 emissions to 189g / km in height.

This power increase means that the BMW Series 1 and Series 2 now offer the same performance levels as the 1 Series M Coupe, built between 2011 and 2012. With this new engine, they catch the M2 Coupe – credited with 370 hp – tested by Automoto.

New BMW M140i and M240i for summer 1

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