New BMW 5 Series the 3D teaser

New BMW 5 Series the 3D teaser

For many years, manufacturers compete of ideas to make us wait and maintain the suspense. Between photos showing body bits, blurry images in half or underexposed, optical effects, and many others, the big names in the automobile are never courtyard of ideas to launch new.

BMW is no exception to the rule with the presentation approach of the new 5 Series History give us food for thought while waiting for the curtain rose, the Munich brand shows us a new technology in the development of units serve to a bunch of cars in the future, starting pa Series 5, the first car to benefit.

If the new generation of one of the florets BM therefore enjoys a very special treatment, it is also because the German brand does not wish to make an off impromptu compete Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6 . Its latest version, the F10, has surpassed the 2 million copies sold worldwide at the beginning of the year, bringing to 7.5 million the number of Series 5 elapsed since the beginning in 1972.

Numbers than is called internally G30 task will be heavy to carry with an expected formal presentation is for the next Paris Motor Show in Paris in October or January 2017, in Detroit.

All this is great, but what about the 5 Series? Unfortunately, the luxury brand did not disclose details. For now, here are some pictures of the redesigned sedan in BMW’s optical measuring cell.

New BMW 5 Series the 3D teaser

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