New Audi Q4 Rendezvous in 2019

New Audi Q4 Rendezvous in 2019

SUV, you want it, here it is! The riders will continue to multiply in the ranges of manufacturers. After selling the small Q2, fourth member of his family Q, Audi will launch next year the grand Q8, already announced by two concepts including the Q8 Sport at the Geneva Motor Show. Then in 2019, the firm with the rings will propose the Q4.

Rupert Stadler, who heads the brand, has just confirmed the project when presenting the financial results for 2016. Qualified as a compact sports SUV, the Q4 should be the standard version of the TT offroad concept unveiled in China in 2014. The model will resume The aesthetic gimmicks of the coupe, such as the lateral glazing in an arc of circle or the hood bitten by the wheel arches.

Audi plans to launch three electric cars by 2020 and electrify models of the current range. On the technology front, the Audi A8 is expected to benefit from a level 3 semi-autonomous driving system. The car will be able to drive alone in traffic jams up to 60 km / h.

Inside, the model will feature a full HD display of latest generation and an interface that will accept gestures commands. In the range of engines, new generations of gasoline and diesel engines will be adopted with a cylinder capacity of 1.5 liters. There will also be 4-cylinder 2-liter and a new 5-cylinder 2.5-liter that will produce at least 400 hp for the RS version of this Q4. Finally, not to renounce its new commitments, Audi will also sell a rechargeable hybrid that will offer an electric autonomy of about 50 km as required by legislation in China.

New Audi Q4 Rendezvous in 2019

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