the All-New 2018 Velar

the All-New 2018 Velar

It thus made sense to me that Land Rover chose to unveil their new premium mid-size vehicle here. The comparisons don’t end at the metaphorical. Land Rover Head of Design Gerry McGovern told me that the built aesthetic in the Coachella Valley is one of his core influences. This is evident immediately in walking around, and getting inside, the Velar. It is like driving one of the desert’s pristinely restored and updated modern homes.

After a hushed drive along the interstate, and a tightly controlled series of rural switchbacks up into the San Bernadino mountains, I had the chance to experience the Velar’s stellar off-road capabilities. Taking a hard right off the narrow two-lane, I traversed miles of rocky, dusty, hilly trails near Joshua Tree National Park. No matter what kind of terrain was thrown at it, the Velar handled it with aplomb.

Lamborghini is preparing to reveal the Urus SUV to the world, but before that, the Italian automaker wanted to remind everyone it already built an SUV once: the LM002. Often referred to as the Rambo Lambo, the LM002 was originally destined to be a military vehicle, but that destiny was never fulfilled.

The new 2019 Audi A7 was spotted in prototype form featuring a hexagonal grille and chiseled surfaces. Expect a host of technologies, including a self-driving mode that can handle traffic jams up to 37 mph.

the All-New 2018 Velar

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